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Need help in managing files?

LoyalDog's LD-Max software will help your business grow. See for yourself the latest updates of features for LD-Max and experience the awesomeness and affordable process server software that you are looking for.

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Having troubles handling large clients?

LD-Max can handle it for you with different custom imports/exports or email features that help your clients get updates in advance, before they ask for them. No delays plus customer satisfaction for your company = Win-Win For Everyone.

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Always in a hurry and need to learn them fast?

Our Friendly and approachable LoyalDog customer service staff will give you a free demo and you will learn to use LD-Max software super-fast. It's Helpful! It's Reliable! and It's user-friendly! You will surely love it.

The most comprehensive process serving solution - NOW ONLINE! Checkmate.

Most reliable, most-conprehensive and most-powerful software for process servers and process serving agencies.

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Exclusive Features of LoyalDog


Droid Does. And so does LoyalDog! If your servers have Android phones, we have a sexy Android app that captures satellite lattitude and longitude...

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LoyalDog provides direct TWAIN access for scanning and also accomodates high volume scanning with large scanners...

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LoyalDog gives you unprecedented power to get your job done and keeps you in control...

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LoyalDog lets you market your business powerfully ...

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With affordable price to boost your business it's Hot! hot!

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check Its All-in One package and enjoy to the fullest its available features!

check Startup? No worries you got our Free Demo service all in Free!

check With our Friendly and Approachable Technical and Customer Service are Always available for you!

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Why? See for yourself.

hyp1We specialize in high volume accounts and custom requests. A high volume law office will hire a process server and want custom imports and exports done. We are very good at this. Also, our system is case-based which makes it easy to perform actions upon multiple jobs at one time and to easily see what is going on with multiple jobs visually. hyp2